Low sodium dog food congestive heart failure

Having a proper insight of what your dog does, eats and behaves like throughout the day, ensures his better lifespan. Today, as we no more find time for ourselves, the harsh reality is that we may even oversee the requirement of our pets. However, if you are planning to have a dog at home, then make sure you give them full time, love, affection and care. There have been numerous cases, where the dogs have been found diagnosed with heart diseases. This is because they consume anything that they find, and thus, fall into greater health risks. However, if you are one responsible pet-parent, then know how low sodium dog food congestive heart failure can be cured.

Let’s understand about congestive heart failure first

Supplementing your dog with important nutrients is essential; however, the excess of anything turns out to be harmful to us. One of the most serious problems that your dog might face is that of congestive heart failure. Also termed as CHF, it is when your dog’s heart finds inability in pumping adequate blood to the whole body. There are numerous causes, which may give rise to this problem; however, the most common ones are a high accumulation of sodium in the body, mitral valve insufficiency or dilated cardiomyopathy.

How to know whether he has CHF?

Probably, it might be difficult for a person to discover, what all internal problems his dog is facing. However, taking him to vet regularly, at proper intervals, can help you to figure out the early symptoms of Low sodium dog food congestive heart failure. When you visit a vet, he will then take some specific measures to know about the dog’s health. Some of these include-

  • Auscultation– this is the process where the vet will listen to his heartbeat through a stethoscope. This will help to detect heart murmurs.
  • Chest x-rays– in the next stage, this is done to evaluate the shape, size, and health of the heart along with checking the state of lungs.
  • Blood and urine tests– these are performed to check the indication of any disease if prevailing.
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)- this helps to measure the activity of heart through more accurate and electrical measures.
  • And finally, Ultrasound examination (echocardiogram) is done.

But how reducing sodium works positively

In case you find him, suffering from congestive heart failure then you might consider his sodium intake. Heart failure and availability of sodium in your puppy’s diet are inversely related to one another. The severe their disease, the lesser sodium they must consume. Decreasing the amount of sodium turns out to be really successful at times. In the cases where your pet is going through mild heart diseases, then only mild, sodium cutoff is instructed. However, in the situations where the disease goes beyond limits, you must try to feed his with as less sodium as possible.

However, before you plan to take up any step regarding Low sodium dog food congestive heart failure, you must always consult a vet. Along with cutting down the contents of sodium, always keep your pet’s diet loaded with protein; this will help him in recovering fast.

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