Best Low Sodium Dog Food 2018 – Buyers Guide & Reviews

Best Low Sodium Dog Food

You probably heard more than once in your lifetime that salt is not really the thing to abuse on an everyday basis. It might surprise you but the same health recommendation can be applied to your 4 legged companion’s diet. And that is why the best low sodium dog food should be taken into consideration when buying little sunshine healthy nutriments.

So, you want the best for your furry friend and you heard that sodium affects him too. Don’t worry. We are here to help. Your dog deserves the best low sodium food out there, which will ensure a long happy life for your favorite tail waggler.

It’s never easy to decide on something that bears that much importance. Nowadays is hard to find safe food for yourself, what are even the rules that apply to dog chow?

The world of dog food is full of cheap alluring options but we focused on trusty brands that actually tested their product for quite a few years before releasing them on the market. Your dog’s health is in good hands.

Salt and dogs

Sodium is present in dog food in the form of normal table salt. As it is for humans, sodium is a basic vital mineral that your dog needs in order to remain a well-hydrated fur ball with proper muscular and nervous functions. So a no sodium diet is a big no-no. But excesses are bad too.
While most healthy dogs can sustain food rich in sodium for years and years without problems when old age installs that’s no longer the case. You need to help them out a bit, as they can’t process everything as well as they once could. Lower sodium intakes are highly recommended for your old pal.
For dogs that have certain cardiac or renal troubles though, the best low sodium dog food becomes a necessity. Besides medication, this special diet is considered an effective treatment method. Give him a helping paw in fighting those illnesses.
If your pup is aging or it has a poor cardiac/renal health you should really check out our list with good quality dog food, and maybe stay around a little while longer so we can better explain how salt is related to diseases and how can you make the best decision for your dog.

Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry Food-Best – Overall winner

One of the best low sodium dog foods on this list. It’s an easily digestible, complete and very balanced, offering all the nutrients necessary to support the cardiovascular system. Sodium is reduced to prevent the heart from being overworked. Omega-3 fatty acids and other beneficial ingredients like arginine and taurine are also present to ensure a boost in the protection of your companion’s heart. It contains natural preserves to ensure the quality and freshness of the product. The ingredients are mostly natural such as rice, chicken, fish, minerals, vitamins, and rosemary. This food is wonderful for both preventing or treating heart conditions in dogs.


  • It contains natural ingredients and components designed to boost cardiac function
  • This food can be used as both a prevention method or alongside special medication
  • Fairly affordable


  • Some people believe the pellets to be a bit too large for smaller breeds to be able to consume them easily

Royal Canin Renal Support Dry Food

This low sodium dog food is great for stimulating decreased appetites while offering your dog the support it really needs. It’s high in energy and easy on the stomach, with optimal nutrient levels. It also comes with antioxidant and a variety of aromatic choices that are sure to fit any picky eater. As a matter of ingredients, it’s based on a low proteins profile, the only meat present being the lean chicken. It also has most needed minerals vitamins and natural elements such as corn and beet. This product is intended more as a treatment method, and it should not be used as the only food source if your dog is not suffering from a kidney condition. However, it can be mixed with regular food if you want to tone down a little on the salt levels.


  • Enhanced aromatic profile to satisfy all tastes
    It contains all the essential minerals, vitamins, and natural elements
  • Great for increasing the effect of kidney medication


  • It can’t be used as a principal food source if your dog does not have kidney issues, but it can’t be mixed with other types of food with no problem

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Cardiac Health Dry Food

Another contender for the best low sodium dog food. It’s basically a clinically approved nutritional product that can completely change your dog’s life. Besides having a low sodium content, it also has effective antioxidants, balanced levels of protein and phosphorus and sufficient taurine to keep the heart pumping normally. Magnesium is added to replenish nutrients lost when the dog ingested diuretics. The ingredients are high quality and besides chicken, it offers proteins such as pork and eggs. The product is very efficient in maintaining heart diseases at bay even without the administration of frequent medication. It has a subtle chicken liver flavor that most pooches swoon over.


  • High-quality ingredients with a variety of protein sources
  • Enjoyable taste for your little gourmand
  • Great heart support along with an overall balanced rapport of necessary substances


  • The majority of buyers love this product but they wish the kibbles were smaller

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Renal Health Dry Food

A quality dog food for every dog that experienced kidney problems, and it could be easily called the best low sodium dog food on the market, by happy owners. It is specially developed to improve the quality of life for your old or suffering buddy. The phosphorus levels are carefully controlled and the sodium is lowered to relieve old or damaged kidneys. Because senior dogs have a tendency of losing their appetite this product comes with an appetite trigger, to ensure a proper nutrition. It also has a massive amount of essential amino acids to support the natural ability of your dog to build muscle mass. The ingredients are premium quality, and lesser proteins are added to further ease the workload of your dog’s kidneys.


  • It brings back your dog’s appetite and it enables it to start building muscles, while also protecting its kidneys
  • It also brings benefits for the heart function, as it has omega-3 type fatty acids
  • Perfect for maintaining your dog on the right track of healing or preventing the damage of its kidneys


  • Pet owners that have at home a little master chef that’s very picky about its food, have complained that they had to use ingenious methods to coerce their dogs into eating this diet food

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Renal Health Canned Food

This is mainly the canned food variant of the last product but slightly changed. The canned version is sure to fit more tastes as it brings around chicken as the main ingredient alongside a wide variety of veggies to give them a nice nutritional pack. Not only does it improve and protect renal function but it also gives a nice boost to your dog’s energy levels and general well-being. The gently cooked chicken with natural ingredients is also accompanied by the perfect amount of minerals and vitamins, that are necessary for your pal’s life. Being canned food it could also be used mixed with the dry variety that we spoke about earlier, to give it that appeal that it lacks for some dogs.


  • Premium ingredients figuring chunks of carefully cooked chicken and veggies
  • The enjoyable flavor that boosts up the overall vitality of your dog
    Perfect for dogs that can’t live without softer food


  • Buyers wish there were more available flavors for this product. It’s always a good thing when your customers simply want more of your product to enjoy

Purina Pro Plan NFKidney Function Dry Food

This is one of the commonly prescribed dog food when it comes to supporting the kidney function, and also it’s a nice addition to our list of the best low sodium dog foods. The protein amount of this product is restricted, phosphorus is present to help the kidneys and the B complex vitamins are also in the general composition of this dog food. It also figures rice, eggs, vitamin A and many other needed elements for any dog’s diet. The flavor is really a kicker and customers were thrilled with the fact that their pesky eater finally found a dietary product that they enjoyed consuming. As many dog owners are unsure what to pick from dry to canned varieties, this dog food can be mixed with its wet counterpart for a little extra delight your dog will love.


  • A good quality product that is frequently recommended by specialists
    The enticing flavor that manages to convince all dogs to give it a bite
  • Very effective in combating kidney issues


  • Just like some other products on this list, people complain that the kibbles are too large for smaller dogs, which makes it harder for them to enjoy the product

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin And Stomach Dry Food

One of the most exotic item from the best sodium dog foods variety, this dietary formula figures salmon as the main ingredient. It might seem weird, fish in a dog food but it works wonders for sensitive fur balls that can’t eat most of the products on today’s market. Alongside the salmon, lamb and rice shine through the ingredient list. Other fair mentions are zinc, omega fatty acids, and natural prebiotic fiber that promote the health of the digestive system. The formula is also perfect for weight management which is why it is also chosen by dog owners that fear the dangers of having an overweight pet. Sodium levels are lowered to ensure that the gastric acid won’t start to endanger the stomach’s function.


  • Natural ingredients figuring as stars the salmon, lamb and easily digestible rice
  • Wonderful for sensitive dogs that are a little bit harder to maintain healthy
    Offers up multiple benefits from weight management to prevention and treatment for skin and stomach issues


  • Some dogs are just not very pleased with the fish smell this food gives off. They are entitled to preferences after all.

Sodium in dog food

Salt is a notable ingredient in all processed dog food because it is a necessary mineral. It also makes the food tastier so your dog will surely not refuse it.
A good quality dog food has around 0,3% salt, which is considered to be the safe quantity. That means less than 100mg of salt in 100g of food. That’s the percentage that you should keep your eyes peeled for. You don’t want too much but none at all causes just as much of a trouble.

Special low sodium dog food

Dogs need sodium as much as we do, that ’s clear. But some little pups need less than others.
Your furry companion has a brave strong hard that unfortunately beats at a very irregular rate. Salt has a big effect on how your dog’s heart functions, as it increases the arterial tension, making it beat like crazy, if present in overboard quantities. Low sodium dog food keeps the tension at bay, preventing fibrillations or abnormal heart rate. Besides prevention, veterinaries also recommend it to those dogs that are already suffering from such problems, as a treatment method along with medication. If you happen to have a pug or a cute bulldog then be wary as they have an increased chance of developing cardiac issues. They might already need the best low sodium dog food.

Speaking about issues, your dog’s kidneys are not big fans. Actually, they prefer potassium as it prevents congestions and the formation of stones. Going overboard with the salt can cause the kidneys of an older dog to stop working properly going into renal atrophy. Low sodium dog food keeps them hydrated and happy, preventing renal blockages. Small dogs such as Jack Russells, Yorkshire terriers and other from this category are very prone to kidney problems so make sure to keep an eye on their salt intake.

Regardless of breeds, young dogs can take salt well. If you have a pup that’s still in a permanent growth spur don’t get overly worried about the sodium levels he ingests, as long as its food fits the 0,3% rule. Food that has more salt can cause your dog’s stomach to get upset, and believe it or not ulcer can develop, as salt makes the gastric juices way more acidic than normal. This is the reason why we also included a product especially for sensitive digestive systems, that is sure to take care of that nasty acid.

But as dogs get older and their internal organs start to become lazier, going for the best low sodium dog food will give them the chance to fight possible diseases that are lurking in the shadows, praying for some extra salt.

How do you choose the best low sodium dog food?

When choosing products we always go for brands, and usually good quality products can be found even from unknown manufacturers. But when it comes to dog food, brands matter a lot.
It’s basically the “ you get what you pay for” deal. Low sodium dog food is known as diet food, and there are three main brands taking the spotlight in this field: Royal Canin, Hill’s, and Purina. The fact is that they have special laboratories where they create products and then they test them on the average dog. After a few years of successful results, the product is finally released. To put is shortly they are the experts. They know their compositions in and out and they have physical proof that they did the right thing. The main protein used in dietary dog food is poultry, as it is easy to digest process.

Since low sodium content is considered necessary for dogs with certain medical issues, you will find these particular types of dog food labeled as cardiac or renal. That’s a simple way to spot the product of your desire.
Cheaper dog food gives you no guaranty whatsoever that their product is good. You really have to ask yourself where they cut corners to deliver an item well under the prices of the well-known producers.
Leaving brands and prices aside, it’s always a good idea to ask your local veterinary for an opinion. Find out what he recommends for your dog, and whether or not you should go for the low sodium diet.

Wrapping up

Bottom line is: we all love our companions be it dog or cats or other exotic choices.
And you dear dog owner are doing the right thing in searching around the net for ways to improve your friend’s health and general life quality. Bless your sweet tender heart. You actually managed to find out how can salt compromise the well-being of your dog’s life, and you went looking for solutions.

We are sure that our chosen products for the best low sodium dog food will not disappoint. They are of premium quality and they’ve been around for years, helping dogs to put up a fight against diseases and the effects of old age.

Don’t forget to check in with your vet before going around buying food that your dog might not yet need.
We are sure that you will choose the best possible food for your dog, and we sure hope that you’ll go for one of our suggestion, as we are so certain of their quality and efficiency.
Isn’t it about time you tell your dog he’s a good boy? Some cuddles and chill? Enjoy your dog’s company to the fullest as they really are the best friend a human can have.

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